Based off the story by Jay and Rain, Roleplay as either a dark or light in their endless pursuit of the throne.

    Roleplaying Rules

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    Roleplaying Rules Empty Roleplaying Rules

    Post by Oren Light on Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:01 pm

    1.) You must strive to post at least 3 sentences a post, unless it seems impossible to do so.

    2.)No godmodding. You aren't immortal.

    3.)Every Light or Dark must bear their side as their last name.

    4.)Try not to be cliche in making characters.

    5.)Don't always join topics like: "Mary Sue walked in. "Hi!" she said, and sat in the corner."

    6.)There is a 4 character limit per person.

    7.)Normals are not permitted to find out about Darks and Lights, unless you get approval from an admin during a plot.

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