Based off the story by Jay and Rain, Roleplay as either a dark or light in their endless pursuit of the throne.

    Calling for Royals

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    Calling for Royals Empty Calling for Royals

    Post by Oren Light on Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:19 pm

    As you guys saw in the advertisement synopsis, there is a special group of 7 called Royals. They have both Light and Dark magic, and protect the Mana King, as well as visit the groups from time to time. They live far away in a chain of mountains.

    Anyhow, basically, the first 5 people to make creations, and put their side as Royal, get to make Royals as their characters. After all are picked, we will make roleplayable areas for Royals. Chi and I shall play as the other two Royals. (Just because we can lead you guys on, being the creators and all.)

    So, get to signing up!


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