Based off the story by Jay and Rain, Roleplay as either a dark or light in their endless pursuit of the throne.

    Cole's Creation

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    Cole's Creation Empty Cole's Creation

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    Cole Dark

    Cole's Creation Anime-hot-dude-anime-17900948-514-600


    Name: Cole Emmet Dark
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 130
    Body Type: Slim, but strong and flexible.
    Hair: Gray/Blue. Sometimes looks green.
    Eyes: Caramel/Goldish yellow
    Parents: Tammy and Luke Dark
    Side (Dark/Light/Normal): Doesnt really care, but leans towards dark.
    Birth: Dark


    Personality: Slightly narrsistic, but is very kind and consideration. Doesn't really care if you're light, dark, or normal. He'll still try to be your friend. He tends to be quiet and talks very little, only when need or he's in the talking mood. Loves the ladies but'll stay loyal and is a real gentlemen.
    Clothing: Whatever, jeans and a black jacket (as seen above)
    Likes: Girls, girls, girls, fighting, himself, forest, and climbing.
    Dislikes: Cocky dudes, rain, sunlight, and beer.
    Weapon: A gun * enter me gusta here* A shotgun or a bow and arrow. No specific weapon, really. Except knives, he's horrible with them.


    History (give a brief history of your character): Not a rich kid, though he looks and acts like it. Mom is always out partying and his dad's in jail. He grew up on Ramon and Mac. x3 All the kids at school liked him, and he is quite popular and stuff. He spent most of his time in the forest, hunting animals and climbing trees.
    Anything Else: I failed xD
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