Based off the story by Jay and Rain, Roleplay as either a dark or light in their endless pursuit of the throne.

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    Jaylen Dark
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    Jaylen Delane Dark

    Jaylen's Creatioooon TheMasons
    The one with da camera. :3


    Name: Jaylen. Delane. Dark.
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 120
    Body Type: Average
    Hair: Straight light blonde hair, about to the middle of her back.
    Eyes: Clear blue
    Parents: Mom and Dad *shot* Ivy and Marcus Dark
    Side (Dark/Light/Normal): Dark
    Birth: Dark


    Personality: Jaylen is usually nice, but has a firey attitude. She isn't afraid to voice her opinion or snap some sense into someone. She loves to be sarcastic and joke around with her friends, sometimes being a little rude, though she isn't aware. Jaylen is quite a flirt and loves having attention and standing out. Out of her friends, she would be the first one to start up a conversation with the cute boy, or the one to sneak into a party. She doesn't really show much emotion, and things don't really effect her. Her most used emotion is annoyance, as many people randomly annoy her, even though she can't stand being alone.
    Clothing: Anything really, loves fashion and sticks to Hollister, Aero and Vans.
    Likes: Being with people, dancing, risks, and duudes.
    Dislikes: School work (beside writing), narcissistic people, and dubstep.
    Jaylen's Creatioooon Swords

    History (give a brief history of your character): Jaylen grew up in a fairly wealthy family, with a large house and plenty of money. Her parent didn't really care what she did and gave her tons of money to spend on whatever the heck she wanted. They just didn't care, dude. Her parents have been having problems for a long time, and Jaylen had to grow up with that. She slept over at a friends house almost every night so she didn't have to hear her parents argue.
    Anything Else: Hola! :D
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    Approved! X3

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